10 Awesome Gifts for the Grower in your Life

10 Awesome Gifts for the Grower in Your Life

Are you looking for gifts for the growers in your life? Growers can be hard to buy for, since we tend to be a self-reliant bunch.


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Plus, we tend to be very practical in our wish lists.

Top on my wish list? Wood chips… lots of wood chips…

But when you are buying someone a gift you also want it to be fun. The following are a mix of 10 awesome practical gifts for the grower in your life – with a couple fun gifts mixed in.

Tools for a Grower

This is a great gift for a homesteader - the hori hori knife

I love my hori hori knife. It is one of my most-used tools for cultivating abundance. Here I'm using it to chop-and-drop some old plants in my garden.

You could easily come up with a list of dozens of tools that could be useful when you're cultivating abundance. But most of those tools would only be used for a few specific projects.

Here are 3 tools that are great gifts for the grower in your life.

Hori Hori Knife

hori hori knife is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Truly Garden on Amazon

This is one of my favorite tools for gardening and maintaining my plants. The hori hori knife is basically a trowel with a knife edge on one side and a saw edge on the other, that come to a narrow tip.

I use mine for planting, chop and dropping, cutting twine, cutting old roots when digging, etc. A hori hori knife is the ultimate swiss army knife for gardening.

This is a tool that every grower should have. I love mine!

Hori Hori Knife

  • Great for: Gardening and other plant-related tasks on your property, such as planting, trimming, and chop and drop.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $28.95

Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tire

Flat free tire for wheelbarrows is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Marathon Industries on Amazon

A flat-free wheelbarrow tire may not seem like the most exciting gift idea to some people, but it is incredibly useful and exciting for any busy cultivator.

Growers are always using a wheelbarrow for one task or another, and nothing can be more frustrating than finding your wheelbarrow with a flat tire.

After many years of dealing with flat tires I finally just switched to the kind that are flat-free.

This has saved me a ton of frustration! I’ll never go back!

Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tire

  • Great for: Reducing frustrations by making sure the wheelbarrow is always ready to go.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $32.95

Mulching (Bedding) Fork

Mulching Fork is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: The AMES Companies, Inc on Amazon

Moving mulch – especially wood chips – with a shovel is hard work and frustrating. But most people who are cultivating abundance need to move mulch or bedding for animals on a regular basis.

The mulching (bedding) fork is much more efficient at moving mulch and saves a lot of time compared to a shovel.

When moving mulch or bedding, you don’t want to be stuck with a shovel!

Mulching (Bedding) Fork

  • Great for: Saving time and energy moving mulch and bedding for animals.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $35.91

Books for a Grower

Perennial, biennial, and annual plants can be used together

A lot of what I have learned over the years that have helped me cultivate abundance for people, plants & wildlife have come from reading books on permaculture, gardening, and nature.

There is so much to learn if you want to cultivate abundance - gardening, preparing land, saving seeds, etc. While you can learn a lot online, sometimes you just need a good book.

Here are 4 books that are great gifts for the grower in your life.

Square Foot Gardening: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Mel Bartholomew on Amazon

Square Foot Gardening is great for the starting gardener who needs help figuring out how much space to give each plant, how to plan their garden, and how to take advantage of vertical growing space.

This book is my go-to for basic gardening advice.

Square Foot Gardening - Book

  • Great for: A starting gardener that needs help getting the basics down - especially those interested in growing more in less space.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $13.89 - paperback

Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Toby Hemenway on Amazon

Once you have the basics of gardening mastered, it's time to move on to more advanced methods that let you work with nature to grow food.

Gaia's Garden is a fantastic book for the experienced gardener who is wanting to take this next step towards transforming their garden into an ecosystem filled with life.

Gaia's Garden - Book

  • Great for: Taking your garden beyond the basics to create an abundant landscape that functions as an ecosystem filled with life.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $23.83 - paperback

Perennial Vegetables: From Artichoke to Zuiki Taro, a Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious, Easy-to-grow Edibles

Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Eric Toensmeier on Amazon

When you start working with nature to grow more food, you will want to start exploring perennial vegetables.

These great vegetables come back year after year, meaning you don’t need to plant every spring. But most people are not familiar with perennial vegetables other than asparagus on rhubarb.

This is where the book Perennial Vegetables comes into play. This book is basically an encyclopedia of perennial vegetables, making it easy to identify which ones will grow in your area. It will even help you figure out which ones you would enjoy.

Perennial Vegetables Book

  • Great for: Determining which perennial vegetables grow in a specific climate and which you will enjoy.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $23.62 - paperback

Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners

Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth is a great gift for a homesteader

Image Credit: Suzanne Ashworth and David Cavagnaro on Amazon

To truly live a self-sufficient life, you need to be able to save your own seeds. Seed to Seed is a complete seed-saving guide for 160 different vegetables.

If you want to save seeds, this book will teach you what you need to know.

Seed to Seed - Book

  • Great for: Learning what you need to save your own seeds. Good for over 160 different vegetables.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $21.55 - paperback

Gifts for a Little Grower (and the family!)

Get a gift for the whole homesteading family

When getting gifts for the growers in your life, don't forget about the little ones!

What about the little growers? Here are 3 fun gifts that the grower-in-training will love. (And the whole family!)

Fairy Grove Creations

Fairy Grove Creations are a great gift for a little homesteader

Image Credit: Nicole Alderman on Permies.com

Promoting a kid’s imagination through a bit of fantasy will help them be more creative in the future.

These fantasy creations are all hand-made from natural and/or re-purposed materials. Featuring dragons and fairies, these wholesome creations would provide fun for any little grower.

There are options to customize the color of some of the creations.

You can check out all of Fairy Grove Creations at the Permies Digital Market Place.

Fairy Grove Creations

  • Great for: The little grower, so they can explore their imagination through a safe and fun fantasy adventure.
  • Sold Through: Permies
  • Cost: Dragon - $50.00 (includes USA shipping); Fairy - $15.50 (includes USA shipping) 

Kids Wheelbarrow and Other Tools

Kids wheelbarrow and tools are a great gift for a little homesteader

Image Credit: Truper on Amazon

My toddlers love to help me with my cultivation tasks. Riding in my wheelbarrow is one of their favorite games, but they also loves their own shiny wheelbarrow that’s just their size.

Getting kids their own tools allows them to help out on the property and start learning how to cultivate abundance.

Options on the Amazon page to purchase a wheelbarrow and/or other tools for a little grower.

Kids Wheelbarrow and Other Tools

  • Great for: The little grower who is ready to take on some projects to help out while having fun.
  • Sold Through: Amazon 
  • Cost: $42.08 - Wheelbarrow Only

Permaculture Playing Cards

Permaculture playing cards are a great gift for a homesteader!

Image Credit: Permies.com

Playing card games can be a great, simple way to bring the whole family together. By using permaculture playing cards, these games can also start conversations about permaculture and how you can work with nature to grow more food.

Plus, these cards are just beautiful!

If you just want to enjoy these beautiful cards for the tips and information they provide, you can also purchase digital version for $3.00 through permies.com.

Permaculture Playing Cards

  • Great for: Playing card games and getting tips on permaculture and starting conversations around permaculture. Also, beautiful to look through with artwork and info on each card.
  • Sold Through: Amazon - physical card deck; Permies - digital cards 
  • Cost: $11.50 - physical card deck; $3.00 - digital cards

Gifts for the Grower in Your Life

No-flat wheelbarrow tires are a great gift for the homesteader in your life

My son enjoying a ride in the wheelbarrow - with a no-flat tire!

What do you think of these gift options? Are there other tools, books, or fun items that you would recommend?

The items listed here are all products I own or, in the case of the fairies and dragons, from someone I know and trust. I use all the tools and books on a regular basis on my property.

Please leave a comment with your gift ideas! I would love to hear what you think would make a great gift for a grower.

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