Ready to start growing perennial foods?

Ready to start growing perennial foods?

When you plant perennial foods, whether it’s fruit trees, berries or vegetables, you’re making an investment that will support you for years to come.

Perennial foods are the plants that survive your winter and live on to give you abundant harvests year after year. Plus, these great plants will help you build soil and keep pests in balance.

The episodes and posts below will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with these incredible plants.

And you can also scroll down to grab a free guide to perennial foods, which tells you everything you need to know to start out on this pathway to abundance.

Podcast Episodes all About Growing Perennial Foods

Grow perennial foods by planting perennial vegetables

Get Started with Perennial Veggies

Ready to get started with perennial veggies? Our series on perennial vegetables will help you get started!

Grow perennial foods with a fruit tree guild

Start a Fruit Tree Guild

Want to help your fruit trees flourish? Fruit tree guilds are supportive plant communities that work together with your fruit or nut trees for healthier trees and more abundant harvests. The post below will get you started. 

Grow perennial foods in a food forest

Start a Food Forest

Want to learn more about how fruit trees, berries and perennial vegetables can fit together in a dynamic, low-maintenance living system? A food forest mimics the structure of a natural forest, resulting in a very productive and efficient path to abundance. Our series on food forests will help you get started.

Blog Posts and Show Notes all About Growing Perennial Foods

Want to learn more? Here are some recent posts on growing perennial foods.