Ready to start working with native plants?

Ready to start working with native plants?

Planting native plants connects your land to the surrounding landscape and the wildlife that live there. Birds, butterflies, and native bees all depend on native plants. Plus, many native plants are edible!

Native plants can provide you with yearly harvests and attract predators that will keep garden pests in balance.

Ready to work with native plants? The episodes and posts below will give you all the information you need to get started.

And you can also scroll down to grab a free guide to native plants, which tells you everything you need to know to start out on this pathway to abundance.

Podcast Episodes all About Working with Native Plants

Here's whey native plants matter

Why do Native Plants Matter?

What makes a plant “native,” and why does it matter to local wildlife?

Check out this primer to learn more.

Try growing native wild vegetables

Native Wild Vegetables

Want to turn your yard into a forager’s wonderland? Native wild vegetables can provide a delicious, low-maintenance harvest while also supporting wildlife. Check out this post to learn more, so you can start enjoying this wonderful way to grow food.

Find native plants for your property

How to Find Native Plants

Need help finding out what native plants grow in your area? This post will walk you through some great resources for finding native plants (and how to use them.)

Blog Posts and Show Notes all About Working with Native Plants

Want to learn more? Here are some recent posts on working with native plants.