Ready to start working with wildlife?

Ready to start working with wildlife?

When you work with wildlife, you can achieve a balance where predators keep pests in check. In turn, you not only get to enjoy abundant harvests, but also the satisfaction of being part of a vibrant community of life.

Even if you live on a small urban lot, it’s amazing how quickly birds, pollinators, and other critters will start showing up once you create the space for them.

The episodes and posts below will help you support a broad range of wildlife, so you can transform your property into an abundant living system.

And you can also scroll down to grab a free guide to working with wildlife, which tells you everything you need to know to start out on this pathway to abundance.

Podcast Episodes all About Working with Wildlife

Work with wildlife by creating habitat features

Create Habitat Features for Wildlife

Want to create habitat features that will attract the beneficial critters that keep garden pests in balance?

Use snags to support native bees

Support Native Bees with Snags

Want an easy way to support native bees? Learn how to use a dead tree (called a snag) to provide much-needed habitat for bees and other wildlife.

Work with wildlife by attracting birds

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Do you love songbirds? Do you want to enjoy color and music and life wherever you look? (And did you know songbirds can also help keep garden pests in balance?)

Blog Posts and Show Notes all About Working with Wildlife

Want to learn more? Here are some recent posts on working with wildlife.