Ready to start building healthy soil?

Ready to start building healthy soil?

Healthy, rich soil is the foundation of a vibrant living system. It retains moisture, provides plants with the nutrients they need, and supports all the life that calls your property home.

The episodes and posts below will give you concrete steps you can take so you can dig in and start building healthy soil.

And you can also scroll down to grab a free guide to building healthy soil, which tells you everything you need to know to start out on this pathway to abundance.

Podcast Episodes all About Building Healthy Soil

Build healthy soil with mulch

Get Started with Mulch

If you want to build healthy, living soil, the first thing you need is mulch. Mulch retains moisture, protects soil structure, and moderates temperature extremes to support the life in the soil—and the plants that depend on them. 

Build healthy soil with nitrogen fixers

Adding Nitrogen to Your Soil

Do your garden plants need nitrogen? This post will give you some tips on getting nitrogen to your plants in the short run, and help you build the soil life that will nourish your plants down the road.

Build healthy soil by planting a polyculture

Getting Started with Polyculture

One of the best ways to care for soil life is through diverse planting called polyculture. This post will give you some easy steps to get started:

Blog Posts and Show Notes all About Building Healthy Soil

Want to learn more? Here are some recent posts on building healthy soil.