Ready to start working with your land?

Ready to start working with your land?

Your land has its own character that is defined by the features on it. You may have low, wet areas or sunny, hot, rocky places. By working with your land, you can use these areas to create more abundance instead of trying to force your land to be something that it’s not.

The articles below will help you grow food more easily—and support more wildlife—by working with your land.

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Work with your land to moderate climate extremes

Moderate Extremes on Your Land

Want to make the most of the warm or cool spots on your land—and dry and wet spots? This post will help you build upon the natural characteristics of your land so you can moderate the effects of climate change, support wildlife, and grow more food.

Deal with drought by working with your land

Dealing with Droughts

Climate change is making droughts more common and when rains do come they come in torrents. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to make your place more resilient to climate chaos. This post will help you get started.

Work with your land by transforming wet areas for wildlife

Transform Wet Areas for Wildlife

Want to turn a wet area into a thriving wetland that supports people, plants and animals? These areas are often hard to work with but with some simple techniques you can transform these areas. The result will be an amazing space that cultivates abundance for people, plants and wildlife!

Working with Your Land Blog Posts

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