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Are You Interested in Building a Rocket Oven But Don't Know Where to Start?

Rocket ovens are awesome!

If you are like me you have been seeing people online talk about rocket ovens, rocket stoves, rocket mass heaters, etc. but really did not know what it was all about.

They all sound cool – I mean hey they have rocket in the name after all!

Recently, people online seem to have gotten very excited about rocket ovens in particular.

If you have read a bit or watched some YouTube videos (like the following video!) about rocket ovens then you know that a rocket oven is a super-efficient wood burning oven that can turn twigs and branches from your property into yummy food like pizza, cake, cookies, and bread.

But how do you build a rocket oven? How do you get started?

There is a lot of talk online, but no one was providing a step-by-step guide to help you build one. You are willing to take on the challenge of a DIY project if you could just get a little help.

Paul Wheaton’s Rocket Oven DVD is the step-by-step guide that will help you build your own rocket oven.

The Rocket Oven DVD was the result of a highly successful kickstarter campaign supported by 1,647 people like you who wanted to build their own rocket oven.

The Benefits of a Rocket Oven

Rocket ovens can be beautiful

Building your own rocket oven can be fun! Julia shared on her own beautiful customized rocket oven based on the design from the Rocket Oven DVD! How will you customize yours?

You might be thinking okay, great the Rocket Oven DVD will guide me through building my own rocket oven.

But do I really need or want one?

If you are like me, you care about the environment and you're also doing a lot to be more self-reliant. You believe it is important to be as self-reliant as possible, while also being a good steward of the living world around you.

A rocket oven is the most environmentally-friendly oven you could build. By just using small pieces of wood you can easily gather from your property a rocket oven can cook your family’s dinner with almost no smoke leaving the exhaust pipe.

And it is hard to become more self-reliant than being able to cook your food from small pieces of wood you find on your property using an oven you built yourself.

Summary of the Benefits of a Rocket Oven

  • Cook food using twigs and small wood from your backyard.
  • Very environmentally friendly compared to other types of ovens.
  • Does not rely on the grid - great for the self-sufficient grower.
  • Low and potentially neutral carbon footprint.
  • Little to no smoke.
  • Cheap to build.

What About Cooking on a Rocket Oven?

Now that I have you convinced that rocket ovens are awesome (you are convinced right?) you are likely wondering what cooking is like on a rocket oven.

The Rocket Oven DVD guides you through the building of a white oven – that means none of the fumes from the fire mixes with the food.

Your dinner will taste like it came out of a traditional oven.

What about cooking time and how much wood does a meal take?

Well you could cook 8 personal pizzas in under 30 minutes using a small stack of kindling (about 3lbs worth). That 30 minutes is counting the time it takes the rocket oven to heat up.

Don’t believe me?


Watch this video to see it with your own eyes and get a bit more info on cooking with a rocket oven.

Imagine cooking your family’s dinner using only small pieces of wood from your own land and knowing that you are being a good steward of the land around you.

Sounds good to me!

What the Rocket Oven DVD Offers

Rocket oven DVD

Physical, streaming and download versions are available.

But what about the Rocket Oven DVD? You know it is a step-by-step guide to building your own rocket oven but what does it contain?

The Rocket Oven DVD is a feature length DVD topping out at 2 hours and 12 minutes of film which will help you not only build your own rocket oven but also a bit of discussion about the benefits of rocket ovens and the work it took to develop the current rocket oven design.

The first 40 minutes of the DVD are all about earlier rocket oven versions and alternative builds that included a griddle, and hot water heater.

But these earlier versions required welding – but don’t worry the final version does not require any welding.

The rest of the DVD is all about building the rocket oven and will walk you through the steps to build your own rocket oven.

The DVD also comes with a companion 20 minutes long video all about the tools and materials needed for building your rocket oven.

Features of the Rocket Oven DVD

  • Length: 2 hours 12 minutes and 21 seconds
  • Formats: Physical DVD, HD Streaming, and HD Download
  • Provides: Step-by-step instructions to build your own rocket oven. 
  • Extras: Includes bonus companion streaming video (20 minutes) covering materials, tools, and safety.
  • Special: companion guide when you buy the DVD through Growing with Nature at no extra charge ($5 value)
  • Note: Rocket Oven DVD Sold and provided by

Special: Unofficial Companion Guide

J-tube powers the rocket oven

Image from the companion guide explaining how a j-tube functions and the main components of a j-tube.

As awesome as the DVD is there are a few holes in it that could make it a struggle for you to build your own rocket oven depending on your experience and skill level.

This is where my bonus Companion Guide comes in.

The Rocket Oven DVD is sold and provided by (the largest online permaculture website) but when you buy it through this site you get a bonus companion guide that addresses some of the holes in the DVD.

The companion guide includes a complete list of all the tools and materials including links where you can buy them, so you can quickly get started without any hang-ups. This guide also gives you the exact run-time for each section of the DVD (and the included extra materials and safety microdoc) with notes, so you can quickly jump to the section of the DVD that you need while building your rocket oven.

But the biggest hole in the Rocket Oven DVD is the building of the j-tube part of the oven. This is what the oven sits on and is what powers the whole thing.

Really a j-tube is simple to build but the DVD only provides you an overview of the j-tube instead of covering each step to build one.

If you are like me, you will come away from this DVD looking for more information on how to build your own j-tube. Which is a bummer since the rest of the DVD is so good and provides such great detail on all the steps to build the oven part of a rocket oven.

That is where my companion guide will really help you.

I have scoured all the information I could find online on building a j-tube and compiled it into a simple guide. 

With the information in the DVD and the information in the companion guide you should be able to build your own j-tube and finish your rocket oven.

Just imagine all the homemade pizzas you could be cooking in your new rocket oven!

Features of the Unofficial Companion Guide

  • Format: Easy to print pdf - 20 pages 
  • Value: $5 if bought separately 
  • Table of Contents:
  1. Tips for getting started
  2. Basics of Building a J-Tube
    • Basic Dimensions of a J-Tube
    • Material for Building a J-Tube
  3. Building an Oven Rack
  4. Building the Support Frame 
  5. Cooking with a Rocket Oven
  6. Time to Get to Work

Appendix 1. Extra Resources

Appendix 2. Rocket Oven Documentary—Timeline of Topics

Appendix 3. Rocket Oven Materials, Tools, and Safety Microdoc

  • Microdoc Timeline of Topics
  • List of Materials and Tools for Building Your Oven

It is Time to Build Your Own Rocket Oven

Hello! My name is Daron, and my wife and I are the people behind Growing with Nature. When I first heard about rocket mass heaters, rocket ovens, and rocket stoves I was skeptical. 

I mean, how can burning wood be the best for the environment?

Everyone that cares about the environment in my area is trying to get people to move away from wood-burning.

But I kept hearing all these claims about how great they are from people I knew cared about the environment and wanted to be more self-reliant.

I listened to podcasts, read articles, and watched some YouTube videos.

Over time, I learned that what sets rocket ovens (plus rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters) apart from traditional wood burning was that they are designed to burn everything – even the smoke.

Which means almost no pollution, and rocket ovens are designed to work with small pieces of wood.

I was convinced that rocket ovens were awesome and I wanted one, but I had no idea how to build my own or where to get started. I had never built something like a rocket oven before and working with fire as a novice seemed like a bad idea.

But then I got to watch this DVD and while I’m still a bit nervous about building my own rocket oven the DVD did give me enough information to start to feel like yes, I can do this.
I mean, we growers are used to DIY projects. 

I just needed some help to get going, and the Rocket Oven DVD provided me that help.

But there are some holes in the DVD, and I had to do some more research to truly feel ready to build my own rocket oven. The result of my research is the companion guide that I’m now providing to you for free when you purchase the DVD.

So, does this mean that after watching the DVD and reading the companion guide that you will know everything you need to know to build your own rocket oven?

No – but it does mean that you will have enough information to get started and with a bit of trouble-shooting and elbow grease I know you can get through it. Isn’t that how all these types of projects go anyways?

Really, it's not that complicated, and a rocket oven is a great place to start before you tackle bigger projects like a rocket mass heater.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy the Rocket Oven DVD today so you can build your own rocket oven that will turn twigs and branches from your property into yummy dinners for you and your family!

The following are affiliate links which allow me to earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Rocket Oven DVD

Physical Copy - USA Shipping



  • 2+ hr of video: step-by-step guide for building your own rocket oven.
  • Access to 20 min bonus micro-doc: Rocket Oven Materials, Tools and Safety.
  • Special: Includes Unofficial Companion Document provided by Growing with Nature.
  • Provided by

HD Streaming



  • 2+ hr of video: step-by-step guide for building your own rocket oven.
  • Access to 20 min bonus micro-doc: Rocket Oven Materials, Tools and Safety.
  • Special: Includes Unofficial Companion Document provided by Growing with Nature.
  • Provided by

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