3 Ways Perennial Plants Help Build Soil

Building soil is a core part of cultivating abundance for people, plants and wildlife. Without healthy, rich soil, the plants (and the food web that depends on them) cannot thrive. One way to build soil is to plant perennial plants. Perennial plants help build soil in several ways. Let’s dive into those now!

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How to Grow a Mini-Meadow

A meadow provides space for wildlife such as native bees, butterflies, birds and many more. But how can you support these types of wildlife if you don’t have a lot of space? Even a mini-meadow the size of a regular garden bed can still support a great deal of beneficial wildlife—especially pollinators. Sometimes called a […]

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Checkermallows – An Easy-to-Grow, Perennial PNW Native Vegetable

Checkermallows, or checkerblooms, are a fantastic and easy-to-grow perennial vegetable native to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). But they’re also found in California and other areas in the western United States. They can make a great edible addition to your gardens, food forests, or other growing spaces! Let’s dive into why checkermallows are such a great […]

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Why You Should Grow No-Dig Potatoes

Digging up potatoes can be a lot of work, but there’s an easier option. That option is to skip the digging and grow no-dig potatoes! While potatoes are often hilled up with soil, all they really need is a good mulch layer. Let’s dive into why this is a great option for growing potatoes. Continue […]

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